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Welcome to our home on the web for quarter scale, radio controlled iceboats and land yachts.

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Cold Front Model Yachts offers three ice/land yachts as built to order. They are not available in kits and we do not sell plans. They have been designed by sailors who have been racing full-sized and R/C boats on ice and water.

Each boat available as an iceboat. A land yacht kit is optional.

They are fast... reaching speeds upwards of 35 mph.

With Cold Front kits, you can be assured that these boats have been tested and raced on ice and land and that we are confident you will be pleased with the quality and performance of each boat.

At this time the boats are sold in near-completed form. The customer needs to add paint / varnish and add the radio / servos. 

Note: The boats do not include the radio or any electronics. The Nite and Renegade will be primed only - no paint. The DN will be raw wood - it will need to be painted or varnished.


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